Quality and certifications

All types of galvanic treatment are subject to strict controls to guarantee the high quality of workmanship and the verification of the thickness by means Fischerscope - Xray.


GALVANICA GENTILE SRL. undertakes to take steps to ensure that activities are for the benefit for the parties involved to the company and in keeping with the expectations of the property in full compliance with the provisions of law. We believe, therefore, that the development of activities must be sustainable and compatible with the environment hosting the activity, which can create opportunities for residents, staff and property and is oriented to a continuous improvement of activities and performance, maintains a fair balance between social, environmental and economic. We understand that excellent results are the ones that we want to achieve, are realistic only under specific conditions. For this direction, know that customer satisfaction and stakeholder Company is a prerequisite for its present and future success, is committed to follow and support the following addresses:
  • increase the ratio - value cost of services for customer satisfaction
  • to control their environmental impacts (waste management , impacts on ecosystems , worker exposure to risk factors , use of natural resources )
  • decrease response times to changes in demand , the market for customers
  • operate in a logical process to optimize the overall performance
  • plan performance objectives of operations , innovation and improvement of the Quality and Environment
  • express in a quantitative targets whenever this is possible
  • plan projects for the achievement of its goals for improvement and innovation for quality and environment
  • allocate adequate resources and qualified to achieve the planned objectives
  • constantly evaluate the progress of the activities and the degree of achievement of the objectives
  • support staff and those acting on behalf of the Company with adequate resources and training wing of their activities
  • systematically inform employees about the environmental effects associated with the activities
  • develop the skills and entrepreneurship of employees
  • involve their suppliers of goods and services for the common improvement
  • seek an open dialogue with the public and stakeholders with appropriate means of communication
  • make publicly available its objectives, results and this policy
  • confronted with excellent companies to increase their knowledge and their competitive advantage
  • periodically review their plans , systems and objectives
  • comply with the relevant legislation in force in the field of Quality and Environment

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